About Us

Our Purpose

The 3C Challenge is an opportunity for Indigenous people, ages 15 to 45, to develop their business skills and explore their entrepreneurial spirit. Each participant will gain a deeper understanding of how they can connect culture, community, and commerce to support their success. The program launched summer 2018 with funding from Service Canada and is co-developed by the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres and the University of Victoria, Gustavson School of Business.


What to Expect

The 3C Challenge takes place over 35 days and is broken into two main components. The first segment involves 5 days of intensive, online business training with two Indigenous facilitators from the University of Victoria. The curriculum that is taught has been specifically designed for the 3C Challenge. Lessons include, idea generation, communication skills, marketing, creating a business plan, and team work! The proceeding 30 days will allow participants to bring their business idea to market. Working alongside a community business mentor and access to $1,000 of investment funds, each team will be able to market and sell their products or services in their communities.

Along with the new skills and experiences, each participant walks away with an iPad to start their business, a living allowance for their time spent in the program, and access to child care subsidies. Additionally, each team can decide what they wish to do with the profits from their business! Teams can donate their money, re-invest, or keep their profits.


Interactive Business Training

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