3C & COVID-19

To say that we are in uncertain times is an understatement. With the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, world economies, international trade and travel, have all come to a grinding halt. Our day to day no longer has a routine and many are facing financial insecurity from job loss or reduced hours. For those of us who are continuing to work, quick adaptation has been critical. Even with the stresses of work and home life, nothing comes close to the worry we have for the safety of our loved ones.

Many of us are in week 8 of our self isolation and new norms have been adopted. For the 3C Challenge, we have pivoted to hosting our community-based workshops to online. Although the technology is available, affordable, and easy-to-use, I had my concerns about the radical shift. To the readers who haven’t seen a 3C in action before, we place a huge emphasis on trust, relationship building, and communication. Typically, all three of these are formed with honest, real human interaction…something that can be quickly lost in an online space. Having completed our first online cohort last week, I am very happy to say that all my reservations were wrong! Watching the group of thirteen youth from Victoria, Vancouver and the surrounding communities, form friendships while in their own homes was something special.

So how do we create value for customers admits a global pandemic? Economic uncertainty typically leads to purchase freezing. Consumers are worried about “what’s next” and are more hesitant to buy unnecessary goods. During our online session, this was a topic we explored and then shaped our idea generation around it. An important step in creating your business is to think of what a customer needs or wants. By framing this in the context of COVID, the teams were able to create three products that each fill a different need.

Kokum’s Tea Party

One of our groups focused on self isolation and how families are desperately looking for at home activities. Creating an easy to prepare version of bannock, Kokum’s Tea Party aims to bring families together, while staying safe. Their creative project sells dry bannock and assorted teas for $35 + shipping.

Wild Greens Sovereignty

Health for self and planet are the guiding principles behind Wild Greens Sovereignty. This group is reclaiming land back by harvesting, producing, and selling a wild greens medicine. All of the plants are gathered using traditional harvesting practices with an emphasis of “taking only what you need.” Their Spring Medicine is available for pre-order on their website.

Stay Sacred Masks

Safety is paramount for Stay Sacred Masks. The creation of reusable cloth masks ensure safety standards are met without losing personal individuality. Their beautiful hand-sewn masks come in two sizes and are ready to be shipped out. Orders will soon be ready on their Shopify site.

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